​​Pier & Beam Repair

The pier located on the homes footing is what actually helps balance your house. They are only effective when they are balanced. The beams hold up the structure, while the piers hold the beams in place. Our concrete contractors at Rockwall Foundation Repair access your pier and beam from your crawl space. They are made of wood and unfortunately this means that they are prone to deteriorating as the years go by. The soil underneath your foundation could shift very easily because of the shallow footings. If you have any type of trouble with your pier and beam then do yourself a favor by contacting us at the first sign of trouble.

Known Pier & Beam Issues

Shifting soil and deteriorating pier and beams are just some of the most commonly treated problems that our contractors manage. It doesn’t matter what type of problems that you have, it’s great to know exactly who you can depend on to help with your foundation needs, which includes your pier and beam. They are designed so that the necessary repairs can be made to them. If you’re experiencing problems with your pier and beam it is usually because the soil has shifted. This will inevitably cause your homes surface to become uneven. This may happen quickly or it could occur over time, gradually.

Repairing the Pier & Beam

They should be repaired as soon as possible when there is a sign of trouble. In most cases, it doesn’t require the whole flooring frame replaced, rather only the part that has been affected should be replaced. In some cases it might seem impossible to make repairs to the structural parts but nothing is too difficult for our experienced contractors. They have the experience and the skills needed to address any of your pier and beam repair and drainage repair needs, big or small. Since repairing your pier and beam is such a serious issue then it would certainly be in your best interest to rely on our competent team of professional contractors. We don’t just replace your parts with other parts that may also begin to deteriorate, rather, they replace them altogether so that you can avoid any further problems. Redistributing the weight with other parts could cause additional issues with your foundation, which we try to avoid. Let us evaluate the condition of your pier and beam today.

Why Rely on Rockwall Foundation Repair

Our contractors have the proven expertise needed to effectively address your service needs. It doesn’t matter the extent of your service needs, we assure you that we have all that you’ll need at Rockwall Foundation Repair. Our concrete contractors are amongst the most skilled contractors in the city. We perform a professional vetting process before anyone is able to work with our customers. Since nothing but the best will do for our customers, they are assured of receiving the best quality of services possible. You’ll always receive fair pricing from our team of professional concrete contractors.