​House Leveling

If you have noticed even the smallest crack in your ceiling or wall, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Rockwall Foundation Repair in Rockwall, TX. There just might be a problem with your foundation. If you begin to notice your drains backing up or your experiencing trouble with the windows and doors closing, this is also usually a sign of problems with your homes foundation. The solution that we offer to you is house leveling. House leveling requires that any of the areas of your home that being affected by a problem with the foundation are propped up for leveling. In many cases, our contractors will level your subflooring or basement flooring. The only way to prevent more expensive repairs is by contacting our services at the first sign of trouble so that we can get started on repairs as quickly as possible. Never let a minor problem turn into a more serious issue, call us instead.

House Leveling in Rockwall, TX

The first process in our leveling service is to make a complete inspection of your foundation. This doesn’t cost you a think, as it is included in our free estimate. Having an inspection performed will help our contractor determine your repair needs. It will also enable them to provide you with a quote for the work that needs to be done to resolve your foundation issue. Want to know more about our leveling service. Here is a break-down.

  • Give a Report – We offer our customers a report about the problems that we have discovered exist with their foundation. In many cases, we will even be able to show them what is causing their foundation trouble.
  • Design a Plan – With your budget in mind, we try to create a plan that addresses your immediate needs and a follow-up plan might be created to address any additional problem that may not be as urgent.
  • Create a Cost Analysis – After the customer has had a chance to review our plan to fix their problem, they are given a written estimate. The written estimate is a break-down of what we intend to do to help with your problem. It also enables you to make a well-informed decision.

Why Rely on Professional Foundation Service

Leveling is very technical and the person that you hire should know how to effectively handle any aspect of the job. You will find the most skilled and qualified contractors at Rockwall Foundation Repair. The only way to be sure that the job is done right is by hiring the right service provider. If you hire our reputable and reliable foundation services, we’ll perform a thorough assessment so that we will know the exact problem that you are experiencing. Knowing the cause of your problem enables our contractor to fix the problem from its source. It doesn’t matter whether it is house leveling or concrete slab repair, we’ll start the job by identifying the root cause of the problem. Not every contractor will provide you with this level of service.

Reputable & Reliable

There is no chance that any company would be considered reputable and reliable that wasn’t. We realize that in order to maintain this type of reputation we have to consistently provide our customers with the quality of work that they are accustomed to receiving from us. We are committed to doing just so by continuing to work with the most qualified and skilled concrete contractors in Rockwall, TX. We don’t just talk about what we can do, we prove it every chance we get. Call us for your free estimate now.