Concrete Slab Repair

Soil can create all sorts of foundation issues. If the foundation is slab then it is susceptible to problems with soil rising and falling. This type of fluctuation puts the slab under a lot of pressure. Eventually, it will fail. At Rockwall Foundation Repair we are able to make any repairs that are needed, to your concrete slab. You should have your slab repaired as quickly as possible so that you do not experience any further disturbance. Getting your slab repairs made quickly helps prevent structural issues to your home. Many prefer our services because they realize that our services are the preferred foundation services in Rockwall. Dealing with us means that the job will be done right and you can avoid many of the expensive repair issues you might face due to slab related issues.

How to Identify A Problem

We generally will find slab failure issue with one-story houses. If you live in a house with a lot of trees around it, you also stand more of a chance of experiencing foundation related problems. If you live in a warm climate area, like Texas, you may find that you have more foundation problems than you care to admit. Look at the floors of your home and see if there are any cracks in them or if they are uneven. If you see this then it means your home is started to settle. If you live in a brick home and you notice that there are cracks in your bricks, your windows are sticking or you have cracks in your sheet rock, these are clear signs of slab issues.

Repairing Your Foundation Slab

We have assembled a team of the best foundation contractors who have the skills and the qualifications needed to effectively assist with your service needs. Repairing your slab and pier beam requires that they are able to successfully level the foundation. Doing so will prevent any further disturbance of the soil. They may choose to install helical piles to solve the problem. It could take up to 2 days before they actually take affect. Once it does, your slab will be like new again. Our concrete contractors are committed to making sure that they leave your foundation better than they found it. Which means that they will do a thorough job of assessing your slab repair needs and a thorough job of repairing it.

Reliable Slab Repairs

It won’t take us long to provide you with the help that you need when you contact us at Rockwall Foundation Repair. We are considered the most reliable foundation repair service in Rockwall because we don’t waste time getting our customers the help they need. Our contractors understand the importance of making sure that this issue is resolved as quickly as possible, so as to avoid any further problems. Allow us to come to your aid and you’ll see for yourself just how reliable and efficient our services are. Our customers always get what they pay for and usually more.